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How To Color And Color Raw Materials During Injection Molding


It is necessary to know how to color the raw materials during injection molding, to reflect professionalism. The method of adding toner directly to resin and the masterbatch method can be used. After the toner is directly mixed with the plastic resin, it is sent to the next step of the product forming process, which has a short process and low cost, but the working environment is poor, the coloring power is poor, and the color uniformity and quality stability are poor. It is because of poor coloring quality.

The color masterbatch method is to formulate colorant, carrier resin, dispersant, and other additives into pellets with a certain concentration of colorant. When the product is molded, a certain amount of color masterbatch is added according to the coloring requirements, so that the product contains the required amount of colorant. Coloring requirements. This is beyond doubt.

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Generally speaking, masterbatch can be classified according to the resin to be colored, such as ABS masterbatch, PC masterbatch, PP masterbatch, etc.; it can also be classified according to the coloring resin addition process, including injection molding, blown film, and extrusion grades. Major masterbatch. They are divided into categories.
From this point of view, the color masterbatch has higher tinting strength due to the pretreatment of the pigment first, the dosage can be reduced, the quality is stable, transportation, storage, use, and environmental pollution are greatly reduced, which can be regarded as the useful Processing method.

It is worth mentioning that the dispersant removes surface air by wetting and penetrating the pigment, dispersing the aggregates and aggregates into fine, stable, and uniform particles, and no longer agglomerates during the processing, which is very difficult. Valuable, the commonly used dispersant is a low molecular weight polyethylene wax.
For organic pigments and carbon black that are difficult to disperse, EVA wax or oxidized polyethylene wax is used. Synthetic low molecular weight polyethylene wax and low molecular weight polyethylene wax made by the polyethylene cracking method are available. A big difference. I won’t introduce it here.

Seriously, the performance indicators of the color masterbatch include color difference, whiteness, yellowness, yellowness, thermal stability, oxygen index, melt flow rate, etc. These are all very important indicators. Of course, the fineness of the pigment, Migration, chemical resistance, and toxicity is also related to the performance of the masterbatch. Some indicators are very important for special purposes, such as the fineness of the filter pressure value (DF value) of the fiber-grade masterbatch. Some are also very useful. Of or reference value.

Here we take a look at computer color matching: the use of a computer for color matching formula and its management has been successfully used for plastic color matching. The computer color matching instrument has the following functions: (1) Color matching Establish a database of commonly used colors (dyeing) materials according to requirements. Then input the incoming color palette into the computer under the software menu, and immediately calculate a series of formulas, and list them in order of color difference and price for color matching; (2) formula correction and correction computer lists formulas, formulas from other sources, and color difference When unqualified, the inconsistent reflection curve displayed on the display is used to directly increase or decrease the amount of paint through the keyboard; (3) Color measurement and color difference control; (4) Color management is efficient and easy to keep confidential.

Color matching and coloring in injection molding is a unique skill, which requires us to deal with it seriously and meticulously. There are roughly two ways to mix and process, directly adding resin hair and the masterbatch method. The color masterbatch can be classified according to different processes, and it is easy to transport, store, use, and be environmentally friendly.
The performance indicators of the masterbatch are also worthy of detailed experience. The thermal stability and chemical resistance are all related. Finally, it is about the scope of computer color matching. In the injection molding process, the computer is skillfully used for color matching formulas and color management.

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