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What is the difference between blow molded pallets and injection molded pallets


Blow-molded pallets have blow-molded holes on the exterior surface, and they are all empty in the middle. Only double-sided pallets can be produced, but single-sided pallets cannot be produced. Moreover, the direction of product feeding is generally two-way feeding; the surface of injection-molded pallets can be divided into flat plates. , Grid and other shapes, the bottom has a variety of structures such as Sichuan, Tian, seven corners, nine feet, etc. The products can be produced on one side or two sides, which can meet the needs of customers in different industries, and the flexibility will be greater. Blow-molded pallets are compared ...

Injection Molding Of Thermoplastics


In injection molding, thermoplastics are heated to soften to flow, and after cooling, they become hard and form products, and vice versa. The experiment can be repeated. Polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. are all thermoplastics. The resin molecular chains in thermoplastics are all linear or branched. There is no chemical bond between the molecular chains. The process of softening and flowing when heated, and the process of hardening by cooling is a physical change. There is no release or split of chemical bonds in this change. Know that the resin is made by polymerization. Generally, monomers are containing unsaturated bonds, such as double...

Common problems in injection molding and their solutions


Injection molding will more or less encounter this or that kind of problem, this is normal. As long as there is a problem, there will be a solution to the problem. There are many ways to solve the problem, but they are all targeted at the right medicine. Listed below are several common problems in injection molding and their solutions. Problem 1: The plastic is wavy. It may be that the gate or other parts are narrow. When the molten plastic pushes the solidified plastic part forward, the surface produces ripples. Solution: 1. Increase the injection diameter. 2. Increase the injection nozzle and mold temperature. 3. Increase the height of ...

How To Effectively Maintain The Injection Mold


1. The processing enterprise should first equip each pair of molds with a resume card to record and count its use, care (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention), and damage in detail. Based on this, it can find out which parts and components have been damaged and the degree of wear. Provide information on discovering and solving problems, as well as the molding process parameters of the mold, and the materials used in the product to shorten the trial run time of the mold and improve production efficiency. 2. The processing company should test the various properties of the mold under the normal operation of the injection molding machine an...

How To Color And Color Raw Materials During Injection Molding


It is necessary to know how to color the raw materials during injection molding, to reflect professionalism. The method of adding toner directly to resin and the masterbatch method can be used. After the toner is directly mixed with the plastic resin, it is sent to the next step of the product forming process, which has a short process and low cost, but the working environment is poor, the coloring power is poor, and the color uniformity and quality stability are poor. It is because of poor coloring quality. The color masterbatch method is to formulate colorant, carrier resin, dispersant, and other additives into pellets with a certain con...
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